Patreon is a membership based website providing a range of business tools to help creators monetize their products via subscriptions. Through Patreon, creators allow fans to access exclusive content, additional viewership, and other perks in exchange for a monthly fee. According to the Patreon website, this business model allows its members – which includes video creators, writers, musicians, game creators, podcasters and more – to maintain creative freedom while getting paid what they are worth.

Patreon Platform Review

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  • Ease of Monetization
  • Platform Stability
  • Integration with Self-Hosted Blog
  • Publishing Tools
  • Writer Support

Platform Details

Name: Patreon
Date Founded: 2013

Jack Conte got the idea for Patreon after brainstorming ways he could earn more money from his output as a YouTube musician. The platform was built in just six weeks by Sam Yam after Conte came to him with the idea. Since launch, the website has grown to over 200,000 creators who have earned more than $1 billion from six million fans.

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