Wattpad brings authors and readers together online through its website and mobile app. The platform is free for all users and promotes a social community experience based on the original stories that are shared. Both amateur and established writers publish stories on Wattpad from a wide variety of genres, including Young Adult fiction, romance, fantasy, and techno-thrillers. Wattpad has steadily grown in popularity, reaching 80 million readers and writers, due to its ease of use and simple business model.

Wattpad Platform Review

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Platform Details

Name: Wattpad
Date Founded: 2006
Website: Wattpad.com

Created by Ivan Yuen and Allen Lau in 2006, Wattpad is often described as the “YouTube of writing.” It was borne out of Lau’s dream of making stories more accessible to readers via mobile devices. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has become popular due to its ability to help authors find exposure for their works.

Wattpad Platform Statistics

Million Monthly Users

Domain Authority

years in business

thousand interactive stories

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