WordPress is one of the world’s most popular open-source platforms. More than one-third of all websites currently run on WordPress. It is commonly used as a content management system (CMS) for websites, as well as for blogging. The appeal of WordPress is that no technical knowledge or experience is required to use it. WordPress is utilized by bloggers, small business owners, and even Fortune 500 companies. In addition, because it is open source software, the source code can be modified to create additional apps and plugins for WordPress sites.

WordPress vs Medium

Read our article discussing the pros and cons of having a self hosted WordPress blog or website.

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Create Your Own WordPress Website

Read our comprehensive article explaining how to create your very own WordPress website or blog.

WordPress Book

Download our comprehensive eBook which explains how to create a brilliant WP website.

  • Ease of Monetization
  • Platform Stability
  • Integration with Self-Hosted Blog
  • Publishing Tools
  • Writer Support

Platform Details

Name: WordPress
Date Founded: May 2003
Website: WordPress.com

WordPress was founded in May 2003 by Matthew Mullenweg and Mike Little. The platform was an upgraded version of an existing blogging software called b2/cafelog, which had been discontinued. WordPress has since helped millions of people around the world start businesses and share ideas.

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Blogging Banner

Canva allows writers to easily design stunning blog banners for their posts.


Canva allows anyone to create custom infographics and graphical depictions of data.

Small Business Tools

Canva offers small businesses the tools to create any marketing material they may need, including logos, social media post templates, flyers, white papers, and icons.


Million Monthly Users

Domain Authority

years in business

in global website rankings

WordPress eBook

WordPress is the world’s most popular and widely used content management system,  powering 37.6% of all websites on the internet.

There are many reasons to create you own blog, even if you have an established presence on other digital publishing platforms, such as Medium, Substack, or HubPages.

  • Very flexible — WordPress gives you full control over every aspect of your site
  • Highly extendable — you can add almost any functionality through plugins (The WordPress directory has over 54,000).
  • Thousands of mobile-friendly themes allow you to switch the design of your blog at the touch of a button.
  • The platform can be relatively easily search engine optimized and works well with social media.
  • You will have full ownership of your content.

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