Wordable is an app designed to extract blog post content from Google Docs into WordPress. It was created in 2016 by Benji Hyam, intended to help content marketers save time when posting blogs to their WordPress accounts. Users can easily extract their already written and formatted content from a Google Doc and have it posted as a draft into the WordPress editor. The software also automatically generates clean coding and places body images into the media library. This can save a massive amount of time, especially when posting long-form blog posts to WordPress websites.

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Wordable is an app designed to extract blog post content from Google Docs into WordPress.

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Getting started with Wordable is a multi-step process but a straightforward one nonetheless. It involves first linking your Google account to Wordable and then activating the plugin in WordPress. Here are the steps:

1. Sign up for a free trial by visiting wordable.io.

2. Choose “Sign in with Google” to give Wordable access to your Google Drive files.

3. Follow the instructions to download and install the plugin once you are signed into your WordPress account.

4. Go to the plugin settings for Wordable and select “Connect to Wordable.”

5. Once connected, you can go back to the Wordable dashboard where you will be able to see the document files currently in your Google Drive.

6. Select the blog post you want to add to WordPress and export it as a post.

7. The document will be published as a draft on WordPress and will show up in your list of posts.

8. When you open the post in WordPress, you will see that it has maintained the original formatting, including headers, paragraphs, numbering, bullet points, and images that were embedded in the document.

9. You can make additional adjustments to the draft, if necessary, before publishing the post on your blog.

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